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Mobili tutorial




This is our new holiday decoration over our writing desk that brings inspiration and good wishes to those that blow it lightly and watch it move. It is a fruit of collective late night labor (hence the grainy photographs) with cashmerelady.

A list of basic materials needed:
– glass and plastic beads of various sizes and shapes
styrofoam balls
thin wire
fishing line
metalic paint and brush
pinning and cutting pliers
exacto knife, pins, cork, sanding paper…


You need a lot more beads than shown above since the photo was taken after the mobili was made as we just couldn’t wait to get started. Use glass beads if you can. You will also use a lot of wire so stack-up before starting so that you don’t run out of it once you really get going or start using it sparingly because the results will not be as pleasing.


Paint the styrofoam balls first so that you can work on other parts as they dry. Stick a pin into them before you start painting them and dry them pinned to a cork. You can open a bottle of champagne and let the bubbles bring some inspiration :)



Experiment with various shapes. Make a tip of the ornament first and work your way up. Force yourself to cut at least 5 cm (2 in) longer piece of wire than you think you will need as bends and curves take up a lot of material.


Combine beads to form new elements. It pays to make a homage to fordism by making the small wire pieces in advance.


Cut off the superfluous wire only after you made the hanging part of the ornament. satelit-3.jpg

To make nooses, follow this simple procedure.When making more than two nooses, tie them with a small piece of wire in the centre so that it stays in desired position. navijanje-2-nova2.jpg

These additions to the basic ornament were done using fishing line instead of wire since it is easier and almost invisible to attach the individual small pieces to the main ornament.


You can use the cut-off bits of wire to make small hanging chains. Although it would be more convenient to work with a pair of cutting and needle nose/round pliers, the all purpose janitor tool does the trick as well. If using such “robust” tool, grab the wire from the side, not head on.


Make a grid for hanging by twisting the wire. Add glass beads for sparkling effects.


The finished ornaments.


The final step is to carefully balance the mobili. This can take more time than you think and be prepared to make changes and/or additional pieces to achieve the proper balance.Hang under a light source as it brings out the sparkles.

Blow gently.

Watch proudly.

Send a photo.

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  1. January 13, 2007 11:45 pm

    That is beautiful!!

  2. January 23, 2007 9:56 am

    i love your decoration!

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