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Work in progress

February 5, 2014

Two weeks ago.


January 28, 2014

Taste can only be refined if comparisons are possible.

More accidentials

January 23, 2014

This time, a sort of a story :)


Accidental juxtapositions II

January 17, 2014

I love how posters actually exist in layers. And how sometimes these layers unexpectedly start to communicate.

Accidental juxtapositions

January 14, 2014

I’m back, this time with a new series of images with working title accidental juxtapositions. Unfortunately, currently most of them are low quality phone pics, but they will have to do for now.

Lisbon Story

December 15, 2013

WP_004466-1-polaJust arrived to Lisbon, getting ready to “hit the town”.
I only “know” Lisbon from Wenders’ film.
And Madredeus are having a concert tonight.
The pic is from Munich airport.

Letter to J

December 3, 2013

I watched Goddard & Gorin’s Letter to Jane the other night. Was too tired to fully enjoy it but I did like this quote:

Photograph can cover up just as much as it reveals. The photograph imposes silence as it speaks.