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I was born in a country that by the time I came of age, existed only as a memory of a certain generation that ends with mine. I have an eye for (obscure) details most people tend to overlook and lecture in media studies at our national university. I am in love and I love to cook, though I seldom follow the recipe. I carry a small note-book for scribbling notes which I stack with various ephemera.

I was a movie-inspired student of journalism and I still answer the telephone pools to commemorate a dreadful summer job and I was never able to keep a diary. I have a much nurtured DIY soul, a strong urge to collect and catalogue and find it easier to write at night. I can’t get enough of Turkey.

I enjoy walking stray about the backstreets, love the ease of Ljubljana’s summer late afternoons, rainy Sundays and holiday resorts out of season. And photography. I like planning but seldom follow the plan. I am attracted to antiques but I bargain my deals at flea markets. I like packing, arranging and putting things in order. Maintaining the order is anther issue.

My favorite radio station is on the other side of the globe.

And no, I’m not a girl ;)

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  1. darthsida permalink
    January 21, 2008 10:48 pm

    I found your blog and don’t see it a coincidence. If you want to write more about yourself, do. If this request bothers you, disregard the meme plague I’m spreading:

  2. bibomedia permalink
    February 29, 2008 7:45 am


  3. ali permalink
    October 22, 2008 4:45 pm

    hallo…i courious about your digital holga,what is it?i like your holga shots…hehe it’s inspiring me so much,thank you…i just bought my new holga 120 fn a week ago…

  4. October 23, 2008 8:28 pm

    Thanks Ali, my digital Holga is a Holga lens attached to my EOS 20. Click here for the pic:
    Holg-on :)
    and drop by again

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