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Official supplier of chewing gum

November 3, 2013


Flea markets are about surprises.
And memories.
And nostalgia.

Of the three, I think I prefer surprises. There is the surprise of discovery, of finding an item. Then there is the surprise of the price. And occasionally, the surprise you were not haggling for: an accidential detail (e.g. an elegant inscription) on the item you bought, or a surprise find (like old letters in a tin box that the seller forgot to take out), a related story you get after having bought the item (like that the studio photographer that took the photograph you bought was a grandfather of your child’s singing teacher), or the accidential clipping, an article you come across in the piece of newspaper the item was wrapped in. On Saturday, I came across one of these. “An official supplier of chewing gum to Yugoslav Ski Team”. Couldn’t help but smile.

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