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A for apologies

May 26, 2012


Conference is over and the fun begins. Two more days of/in London :)
Actually, the fun begun yesterday, and today was one of the most relaxed Friday afternoons I had in ages. 

Sipping cold beer on a sidewalk, with a gentle afternoon sun peaking through the green bolted iron structure of a railway bridge, it felt as if someone was saying “There you go. This is something to be enjoyed. You’ve earned it.” And after sitting through the last keynote speaker at the conference, I really think I did. Going home, I saw that a lot of people earned it. Really a lot.

However, I have forgotten my card reader at home, so there will be no photographs from London. Instead, in the spirit of global worl, what you get is a typology fragment from Prague.

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  1. May 26, 2012 12:44 am

    Actually, I just realised that the post-conference drinks actually took place on the pavement, not on the sidewalk. Again, it’s A for apologies

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