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Let your self be carried by a new day

May 23, 2012

Going through my notes for tomorrow’s conference presentation, I overhear a song on the radio. It’s one of the few Slovene popular songs that I actually like.

It’s also one of the songs in which I completely misheard the lyrics. I guess misunderstood would not be the right term because when you think of it, both “let your self be drifted by water” and “let your self be drifted by a new day” in the context of the song mean more or less the same. Although I don’t hum “my” version any more, I still prefer being “drifted by a new day” (and I don’t mean this in any the fatalistic way). I will not have much chance to do it today, must prepare for the conference, lecture for 4 hours and pack for London. Might do it over the weekend though :)

The link to the song: 

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