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Little rituals – reading Cafe Selavy

December 21, 2011

I like rituals. Not the collective ones, for you will not find me cheering in the crowd, marching in procession, singing with the nation. No, flocking is not my thingy. Apparently there is more than just a trace of individualism inside my thoroughly socialist cloak, soaked in the  ideals of solidarity and common good…

One of my small, solitary rituals is reading Cafe Selavy on an evening bus home. I think the darkness of the night becomes it, the alienating bus ride as well. It’s not the same thing if I catch the last train home – that is too smooth, brightly lit, revealing, humanistic even. No, the bus ride is much better. The silent passengers, reluctant to share a seat next to them with a stranger, silently sit in their privatised slots, stearing at the brightly lit screens of their mobile phones. Far from the Enlightenment spirit of the train, where books, newspapers and magazines rule, the bus is the domain of small mobile screens and MP3s.

The atmosphere becomes Cafe Selavy’s darkish overtones and as the bus snakes back and forth between every splash of more than four houses between Ljubljana and Kamnik, I sit back in my seat and by the time we pass the pub where the Russian Tsar is said to have used the toilet in 1842, I’m already deep in the moody universe that couldn’t be more different from my own, though it is the kind I years ago on my pessimist days though might be awaiting me…

I read it backwards till I reach the last post I had read, which produces a particular narrative effect. Not exactly of connoisseurship, but similar. I know that the small screen does not do justice to the images, but neither would the judgement of someone who would glance at my little screen and see the latest Lonesomeville series pic.

Today, even the music was befitting, it started with The Pogues and then went to Lana del Rey’s Video Games, a song the I can’t seem to get out of my head today. I googled it when I came home. A review called it nostalgic, to me it sounds more like the classiest song from a Tarantino movie soundtrack. Velvety, dark, seductive. Will play it again now.

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  1. December 25, 2011 11:04 am

    This has made me very, very happy. Thank you. It was a wonderful Christmas present. Rituals. Here is something on that for you. I hope we can share a drink together someday.

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