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Crafting for sanity: The boy

November 26, 2011

Crafting for sanity. And for my daughters, of course :)

Ever since semester started, I have hard time adjusting to my new schedule. But as I’m juggling with more balls than I can handle, one things that keep me at least partially sane (and occasionally behind schedule) are the little crafting/DIY projects. Luckily, there have been quite a few. Since September, I have finished re-upholstering of two armchairs for our living room, made a bed for K,  re-upholstered 2 armchairs from my office, started working on an addition to my office desk, and my current favourite – magic shelves for the girls (will absolutely post on them when I’m done). And finished renewing this little fella.

We simply call him “the boy”. CC spotted him on the local flea market and we got it for 5€ without even trying to haggle. All he needed was a good paint job and a new base. This took a while. But during the “while”, a friend of our made a very well phrased comment on not overdoing it, on leaving parts of it in its original state. We immediately knew she was right. So I sanded everything but the face and the ball on the top, exposing the very good wood beneath the flaking paint. This was obviously no home-made DIY project. Or if it was, it was done by a pro. Three coats of paint (and two weeks) later, ta-da, the boy was in the anteroom just in time for the winter coat hanging season. The girls love it/him.

All he needs are 5 upholstery tacks, which will require a special hunting expedition to Ljubljana.
Luckily, I know just the place.

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