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We grabbed the summer by its tail

September 18, 2011

As I type this, the rain is gently falling on out terrace and the roof tiles of the nearby houses glitter in the pale light of the street lamp (though honestly, if we lived on the second floor, I would not write ‘pale’ but ‘anoying’ light of the street lamp). The air is wet and cold and smells sweetly. Someone is doing some late night baking, and my bet is on a chocolate cake.

With calm certainty, and without any regrets, I can say that this summer ended today. When skies clear on Tuesday, we are headed for some more nice days, but they will be called warm autumn. This is why we grabbed the summer by its tail on Friday, did like the store owner in Labin, and headed for the seaside.

I loved this sign because it does not say “We’re closed” but literally “I’m not working today”. Not to mention the nearly monochromeness, which turned out to be the theme of last week.

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