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Found still life/digital sketchbook

January 25, 2011

I started using my mobile phone as a sort of digital sketchbook. Before, I would just scribble the location of a motif in one of the little notepads I always carry with me, but I never systematically collected or sorted them afterwards. half a year later, they might no longer make any sense to me at all. This might work better, especially if I combine it with a dedicated notepad. I will make photography more “pensive” this year since I have a feeling I have been moving into an unwanted direction lately, a sort of point and shoot attitude that I would like to eschew.

This “note” is for a new  photo project I started working on in January – on the ubiquitous small radios that populate offices of public administrators, hairdresser salons and repair shops of local mechanics alike. It also fits the found still life category. Perhaps I could go down in history as the artist behind the “found still life with a radio” series :))

As a side note, I’m writing this post in a local library less than half a meter from the table with flower and radio depicted above. The librarian just passed me to water the flower. I was too late to catch the look on her face (a raised eyebrow perhaps?), but the whole scene must have had a bit of post-modernist feel to it, the simulacra and the real, inches apart.

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