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End of the year blues and life after PhD

December 31, 2010

To be sure, the myth is true. There is life after PhD. Though no one can really tell you about it. In a way, it is like having kids – you prepare your self and prepare yourself but you are never prepared. They just happen. So does life after PhD. First your immune system is bound to crash, than things get out of control. The most important things, like time. At least this is what happened with me. While the passing of November was still easily attributed to the move and the little post-defence “celebrations”, December just flew by.


I thought of…. and than…. and even considered to…. and before I was able to hammer the first nail into the wall to hang some of the cosily wrapped paintings lying around the apartment, the “whizz” transformed into the “boom” of the New Year firecrackers and rockets. I hadn’t had a single glass of malt wine this year (the famous December “kuhanček”). Hell, we even failed to mail the greeting cards this year, something we proudly and creatively did for the past decade.

Did I already tell you about my crazy father who claims that the Earth is spinning faster than it did before 1974? Well, over the past few weeks, there were (admittedly very brief) moments when I would probably suppress my standard reply to this.


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