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Time flies…

March 28, 2010

My crazy (new)aged father believes that since 1974, the time is running at an increasingly faster pace. We only perceive the days to be as long as before, but the hours are actually shorter and shorter. He can testify to this himself, pointing out that it takes him longer and longer to do the same things. Being 74 has nothing to do with it, of course :) But I must say, there are weeks that could almost make me agree to his new age offshoot of relativity theory. And yes, my getting older has nothing to do with it :)

As a side note, I’m still puzzled by the strange coincidence that the year I was born marks the start of universal time shortage (for my father). Could this also explain my notorious history of lateness?

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  1. March 29, 2010 10:04 pm

    I too have noticed that time seems to be accelerating and I have a theory that our perception of time is proportional to how long we’ve lived.

    For a one year old a year is a whole life time, but for a 50 year old, one year is one fiftieth of a lie time.

    By the way, what was the sign for? As a piece of non-text based communication it doesn’t give any clues of what it signifies, other than a hedgehog.

    • April 6, 2010 12:28 am

      The sign was for a clothes sore. I had an “intersting” coffee this week in a bar namen hedgehog (will post soon) and I guess there should be a few more around

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