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Mission impossible

February 1, 2010

Friday was a perfect winter day. Sun was shining through the crystal cold air and people were walking determinately with their reddish faces buried in the collars of their jackets and their hair tucked into one of  the most flamboyant exhibition of hats and caps I have seen in a while. Frost was having fun forming its own patterns on the cobblestones and the icicles from the Three bridges almost reached the cold green surface of Ljubljanica river. My tripod was cold as hell.

Don't know the English word for this part of the crane but in Slovene, it is called "the cat". I always found it amusing. Perhaps Razz will know the term :)

It was almost a bit too perfect for my mission impossible. My poet friend A.D.’s new book is coming out soon and I was out in the cold in search of a suitable motif.  Which was harder than it seemed when I blurted yes. Author’s first idea was an open blade of a razor. The American editor want’s to have something Slovene in it, like a monument or a building or a similar recognisable object. It reminded me of Kipling’s verse “East is East and West is West and never the twine shall meet.” I’ll keep you posted, for now, just some of the offshoot images.

Wonder which one will keep up longer - the umbrella repair shop or the umbrella graffiti?

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  1. February 3, 2010 6:17 am

    I love the grafitti in the first shot.

    I think the crane part that you call a “cat” in Slovene is called a “dead end” in English (then again, I could be wrong).

    All those warm tones on a cold day make it look as hot as it has been here in Australia lately.

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