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Off season

November 30, 2009

There is a certain atmosphere in the holiday resorts during the off season that I really like. It is hard to say just what it is, a touch of nostalgia, a hint of anticipation, a dash of surrealism, a vast, empty space for projection of images, dreams, hopes. The place hibernates, but it is much alive in the minds of people who are mostly far away. They think of it in colour, not in rainy shades of grey. There is a bit of decay in the air, of loss, but more than that, an energy of unspoken expectations and memories.

We went to Bled today for a rainy walk by the lake. Well, you could say that Bled, being icon of Slovenia’s tourism, is never out of season, but that is not entirely true. Sure, the winter season will start soon but right now it is just where I like it, neither here nor there.

If these chairs could speak, what would they tell? Stories of animate summer night conversations? Or complain about the cold and dampness of their storage, of aking wires and rust?

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  1. December 1, 2009 1:51 pm

    Lake Bled on the off season would be great…. because it would be easy to get parking.

    When I was in Venice, I went to St Marks plaza at dawn and no one was there. It was magical, but not in the fairytale way, it was bleak, cold and empty like some kind of corpse that had been left unclothed and uncovered.

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