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Jean Jacques and the mechanics

September 1, 2009

To me, car is a utilitarian means of transportation. Have never bought a brand new one and doubt that we will anytime soon, because I’m not willing to pay for that little thing they call added value, brand or similar. Because I don’t want to get caught in the trap of official mechanics, where some clowns in grey overcoats will overcharge me for every tiny part and than quote company standard procedures. Because I don’t want to pay high insurance and worry about scratches in the paint. In short, because I’m not very Slovene. And because I want to support small local businesses. So we take or Jean Jacques to our local mechanic in a standard blue overcoat with oil stains, squeaking transistor radio and a naked girl on a calendar, who does a great and cheep job of keeping it running. Yesterday, we added car electrician to the list of local places – a five minutes five Euro job was all it took to get rid of an annoying rear light issue. “Ah, this is a standard Renault bug” he said, holding the a piece of wire in his mouth as he drilled a small hole in the little plastic bulb-holder that you officially can’t replace unless you buy a whole new rear light. “Now, this will fix it for all times. ” And off I went.

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