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Reflections on/of Tartu

August 21, 2009

See you in Tartu? Hmmm. I spent a large part of previous week in a semi-nostalgic mode. The setting has hardly changed. The context was the same. Only the people I hanged out with, were not. 

Theme of the day - reflections.

Theme of the day - reflections.

Grasswire oldtimers might recall that two years ago I attended a summer school for doctoral students of communiation in Estonia. This year I returned to the scene of a crime as a lecturer. Which was fun. But a diffrent sort of fun.

Some faces were missed.

Some faces were missed.

As I strolled again through the cobble stone paved streets of Taru I could not help but think about the times we spent there and the deep friendships that were formed within those two weeks. Strange kind of bonds were formed between complete strangers, the ones that make us travel across Europe to attend parties and conferences, or really regret missing an opportunity to be at one of the mini reunions, and spending time on Facebook in between, cheering each other during frequent outbursts of intellectual crisis.

Shadows of the past?

Shadows of the past?

Must admit I’m a bit prone to nostalgia and had cultivated the feeling while strolling but luckily, Tartu has a really small center, the dinner was scheduled for eight and I had a mini reunion planned with my ex roommate in two days.

No, not shadows, shades of the past.

No, not shadows, shades of the past.


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