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On symmertry…again

March 22, 2009

In some cultures, it is not only a sign of a blunt mind but can count as blesphemy. Perfection is an attribute of god/God and the builders of the magnificent Imam Mosque in Esfahan were well aware that total symmetry would be too much perfection for humble human beings. So place is full of little imperfections, which unattentive eye, inspired by the overall flamboyance, could barely detect. Luckily, if you are too lazy to read your Lonely Panet, there are always a coupple of eager sellers of (really overpriced) carpets and kilims waiting to tell the story. And yes, of course they know about Slovenia and the obligatory  “Kako si?”.

Persian carpets in Esfehan. Mind you, we prefere kilims.

Persian carpets in Esfehan. Mind you, we prefere kilims.

Speaking of symmetry – carpets (city craft) have symmetrical patterns, kilims (rural/tribal craft) are often perfect without one. Again, it can take you some time to detect the difference in patterns. Another mind puzzler is the vast quantity of the merchandise on sale in a place like Esfahan.

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  1. March 30, 2009 1:38 pm

    When ever I make something, it invariably has a fault in it (due to some mistake of mine). I always quote the sentiment that you’ve written about perfection, whenever someone is graceless enough to point out my poor workmanship.

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