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Old news

January 25, 2009

You know how some people use the phrase old news, or claim that nothing is as outdated as yesterday’s newspaper?  Well, that to me is just one part of the story. There is another, and I think far larger group that has no problems with reading old news, and I guess it includes some of the snooty dudes from the first group as well. I’m referring to the reading of old news that goes hand in hand with the secondary uses of newspapers like wrapping stuff when you are moving or covering surfaces when painting. Sounds familiar?

I just spent more time reading last year’s august newspaper that I laid out on the table to protect it from the paint than I spent for covering the board with blackboard paint using a fairly small brush. Well, the brush seemed way larger in my head when I decided not to buy a new one to replace this one centimeter wide midget. As I finished the somewhat meditative paint-job – not only was the brush small but it also had quite hard hair, so I had to apply the paint very carefully – I sat down and read, among other things, a fairly good interview with a legendary Yugoslav musician Goran Bregović. I have long admired his eclectic style and ability to intertwine etno and folk with rock and classical music, transgressing the fortified boundaries of music genres, styles and tastes. Admittedly a controversial, but also immensely inspiring figure. Well, you have to be one to join Yugoslav rock hit, Bulgarian women’s etno choir and Iggy Pop or a gypsy brass band with a symphonic orchestra. For non ex-YU readers, he might sound familiar from films such as La Reine Margot or those of Emir Kusturica.
More on Bregovic:

Even better, something to listen to:
In the death car (Bregovic/Iggy pop – from Arizona Dream)
Elo Hi (from La Reine Margot)

And what exactly was I doing with blackbard paint? You will see it when it is done. The pic is from our last trip to Istanbul. 2006, seems like ages ago.

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  1. January 25, 2009 1:25 am

    Some time ago, my wife was working as an apprentice plumber. She was in a crawl space in a house’s basement when she found a newspaper to lie on while she worked on some pipes. When she was leaving, she thought she’d pull out the paper, just to be tidy. When she looked at it, the first thing she notices was a real estate advertisement for a house. A house we used to OWN. As it tuned out, it was the ad that we had placed some five years before. There was the picture, just as I had taken it!

    She kept the clipping and it’s in the memento box now.

    -Turkish Prawn

    • January 26, 2009 8:35 pm

      aaah, this is such a nice story – I would have saved it too :)

  2. January 29, 2009 12:54 am

    I checked out the Bregovic video plus a few others I came across on youtube. Iggy Pop is always interesting and it was also the first time I’d ever heard any of Bregovic’s music. To me it sounded like Spanish music mixed with Bavarian music.

    As for old news papers, I always read them when I come across them. I once found parts of an old Australian women’s magazine from the 1940s and it was fascinating. Sort of like a portal into another world.


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