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Going by the book?

November 2, 2008

No way. Well, not most of the time. I rarely follow the original recipe when I cook. I might do it for the first time, but already while eating I would be making mind-notes on possible changes, or as I see them, improvements. I think I rarely go wrong. But about two weeks ago a friend came over and we decided to make a casual light dinner. My plan was to make potato gnocchi to go with the salad CC was making. A few months have passed since my last batch and I seem to have lost my touch. Was a complete disaster, they wouldn’t even roll properly, so I had to hastily improvise a pretty rich spaghetti carbonara. Luckily, they came out just perfect and CC was very patient considering the time lapse. So today in order to break the bad spell, I went back to the original recipe, took out a scale and measured the prescribed amounts, mashed potatoes while still hot, combined them with the right type of flour when they were cold. And they were divine. Really, they haven’t tasted this good in a while. As always, it is all about right proportions. In this case, 5 amounts of potatoes, 1 amount of flour. Salt and nutmeg to taste.

The cooking photo is as much improvisation as my regular cooking ventures – done with about 50 year old lens, reversed and handheld against Holga lens adapter on my Eos.

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