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Holgos meets the queen. Almost.

October 23, 2008

After some time, here are some new pic with my digital Holga (a.k.a. Holgos). Inspired by yesterday’s comment, I decided to take the Holgos for a walk before my lectures today, a quick stroll through the center of Ljubljana. But as soon as I got into the center, I realised that this would not be an ordinary photo-stroll as I bumped into a crowd (well, not so much in terms of numbers but in terms of social category) waiting to see the queen. As the British royal couple was busy packing (I can almost imagine the prince sitting on the top of suitcase and the queen struggling with the zipper of the over-packed suitcase full of official presents and hotel soaps they just couldn’t leave behind), the crowd was patiently waiting in fromt of the hotel to see a glimpse of royalty while policemen were chatting away and doing discrete last minute polishing of their vehicles. You would not get decent shots of the queen even if I stayed there for a few more minutes, so you’ll have to do with this.

Waiting for the queen (of hearts?)

Waiting for the queen (of hearts?)

Well R.E. Park, according to your definition this is a crowd after all.

Well R.E. Park, according to your definition this is a crowd after all.

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  1. October 23, 2008 11:55 pm

    Excuse-me! You sure don’t get decent shots of the Queen if you don’t stick around! WTF?!? We’re not worth a few minutes of your time? WORSE: the QUEEN is not worth a few of your minutes! Shame on you! Good lord and all that!

  2. October 24, 2008 8:39 am

    Yes, that’s me, bad bad boy. I’ll do anything to make it up, just don’t call one of those dungeon masters of yours :)

    Must be all the communist indoctrination and propaganda I got during my childhood that still prevents me from paying all due respects to the royalty. Well, at least I wasn’t shouting anti-imperialist slogans, you have to give me credit for that…

    With the good spots already squatted (didn’t feel like elbowing poor old pensioners away), you would only get the photos of a spotlessly polished BMW with dark bullet proof windows, not the Queen herself. Or no pics at all since I was carrying a giant bazooka-looking paper tube under my arm which during Bush’s visit would probably get me arrested, if not gunned down by undercover CIA agents. Anyway, serves her right for not inviting me to the banquet dinner.

    MAde me think of that quote from Amelie about Tour de France.

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