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What do 80’s mean to me?

September 21, 2008

Most of all, a time of innocence and nostalgia.

-Those were the days when ice cream scoops were small, French fries were served in a paper cone and the three cinemas in town each played their own specialised repertoire.*
-Train rides. Three digit bike chains and music cassettes.
-Poking out coins from my ladybug shaped savings box.
-Political jokes that you were suppose only to whisper (though I never heard of somebody getting into trouble over one). Nervous cheering for national sport teams, the times when national basketball league was not an oxymoron.
-Times when I still thought I should become a sculpturer (will write a post on this in near future).
-And times when I actually believed that the future would be bright. 
The bike that threw this shadow was also 80’s character, the shadow however is new.
*The building with the graffiti from the former post was built on a site of one of those three cinemas mentioned above, the one where I saw Easy riders at the age of 12. The title was translated into “Naked in the saddle” and there was no 18 years age limit to it so I and my best friend eagerly made our way pass the scary, Kojak-looking ticket collector. Don’t know if he was more puzzled to see us on the way in as we were on the way out :) At the time in Yugoslavia, porn films were featured in regular cinemas but were strictly restricted to 18+ population (I think shows were mostly targeted at army conscripts and migrant workers but I might be mistaken; after Slovenia gained independence from Yugoslavia, porn was kicked out of movie theaters).

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