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The end of a red era

September 5, 2008

No fear, red era it’s not going to be about politics, though it does allude to communism in more than one way. We have finally got rid of the horrible red central heating radiators. Hip hip hurrah! After three years of unsuccessful attempts, preposterous cost estimates and slightly intoxicated men in blue overalls, it turned out that the right guy is our neighbour, living just one floor below us. So we got rid of the reds. It was that unattractive dark red that was widely used in Yugoslavia during 1980’s (a part of boring palette of blue, dark brown and ochre), an unnoticed remnant of an era gone by. The thing was taht they were painted to red by hand by a very sluggish person. Not even the long drapes managed to conceal the red beast. But socialism-inspired associations didn’t end here. CC nicknamed the two workers Bolek and Lolek after the round-faced Polish cartoon characters of our youth. Here is a brief description for the uninitiated, and a Youtube preview. The guys were really just like Lolek and Bolek who had grown a bit older and beardy.  That evening, we opened a bottle of champagne (apparently, any excuse will do for us). And that is the only victory of whites over reds that we will ever celebrate.

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