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Friday night, Saturday morning

August 24, 2008

Out of bed at eight AM
Out my head by half past ten
Out with mates and dates and friends
That’s what I do at weekends

OK, the lyrics don’t exactly match our current weekend routine, first of all, it was out of bed at seven AM due to our cute little alarm clock that has no “off” button. And neither “snooze” for that matter :). Anyways, was fun, spent lots of time with my girls, had my two coffees of the week, now I’m back to job-related emails and photo theory readings (you’ll all get a share of that in the near future). One of the more pleasant things of the weekend was the discovery of the band Nouvelle Vague – I have infatuatedly listened to their album Bande A’Part over and over again the past few days (luckily, CC likes them too). Here is my current fovorite – Dance with me. They go particularly well with a glass of sweet white wine. Its simply charming.
Speaking of charm, the pic needs a short translation for the few billion people that don’t speak Slovene. Originally, the sign said Sock shop. The place is under renovation (Tamara nevertheless had a quick sneak peak, workers were not thrilled) and currently, the remaining undestroyed pink part of the sign reads sth. like charm or magic.

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