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Circus story

July 6, 2008

Here is a story of how I almost didn’t make it all the way to PhD. Before entering primary school, it was mandatory (I guess it still is) that each child was examined by a psychologist to determine if he/she was ready to go to school and “fit” to go to “regular” school. I almost ended in a school with adapted learning programme because of a circus related incident.
At one point during the interview, the psychologist asked me which animals fly.
My answer was immediate: “Elephant!”.
She was stunned. After recovering from the initial amazement, she continued to probe me: “What do you mean an elephant? Elephants don’t fly.” 
“Yes they do.”
“C’m on, elephants cant fly.”
“Yes they can. The one that a crow gave a feather to does”.
The answer further aggravated the lady and my mother apparently spent most of the remaining interview time convincing the baffled psychologist that I was really referring to the elephant Dumbo from the Disney book I loved so much at the time. My mother says that when we left, the psychologist was still not fully convinced.
Serves me right for reading capitalist propaganda pamphlets. Wonder what would Dorfman and Mattelarts have to say about this :) 
My mother also told me that she only took me to a circus once – I was terrified thorought the show since I thought they were using the whips to torture the poor animals.

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