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Dragons and castles or a day out with our princess

June 8, 2008

There are days when it becomes pretty obvious that we are, after all, living in a medieval city. Kamnik was taken over this weekend by knights and princesses, sword fighters, magicians, peddlers, and children looking for the lost treasure of Veronika, the stingy countess of Kamnik. The festival caught us by surprise and we only caught a glimpse of it – just enough for our little princess to see a real (and really small) pony. As you can see, the dragons were not ready yet so we didn’t have to fight out way through to our cup fof coffee. Than a few hours later, we were navigating our way up to a proper castle, or a mansion, to be precise, where CC’s co-worker got married. The setting was perfectly romantic but as we sat in the ballroom decorated with floral pattern frescoes and a big brass chandelier (which was the main attraction for Tamara who kept pointing at is and going “uuuhh uuhhh”), I started to sense the difference between the castles belonging to wealthier nobility and those of their poorer cousins. I also could not help not noticing the three miss functioning bulbs on the chandelier while trying not to hear what the registrar had to say about the moral crisis of our society.

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