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Stones and spring

May 21, 2008

Our favorite pastime activity of this spring (or at least the one we spent most time for) was looking for real estate. We really need a bigger apartment, otherwise we will end up under an avalanche of my papers and books or being swallowed by some giant stuffed animal that people buy for Tamara. Must admit that our enthusiasm is very unstable, particularly with the prices around here, so we are swinging back and forth between buying some buildable land to build a house from scratch, or an older house to expand and renovate, or simply to move to a larger apartment. Or abort the plan and buy a piece of property in a warmer part of Slovenia or even in Croatian coastal area and wait for the real estate bubble to burst. This latter option gave some incredible results both in content and price, like this 80.000 Euro one with a peculiar sense of humor::
An old stone house with large courtyard for renovation with all relevant permits for current size issued.
/…/ House needs complete renovation and there is plenty of stones all around the terrain.
Oh well, speaking about Croatia, I read last week that they found a body of a woman in an attic apartment in Zagreb that was laying there for forty(!) years. Talk about a nice apartment building and good neighbours, huh? And apparently, that was not the only mummified body laying for years in an empty apartment in that neighborhood, although it was definitely the oldest.

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  1. Natalia permalink
    May 25, 2008 9:44 am


    A friend of mine is renovating a similar house (but in Slovenia) and it costs an awful lot! Specially, if you’re keen on having it renovated properly and in the same fashion it was built in.

    I understand your new hobby, it will be my hobby soon too. Yuck!

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