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Save Polaroid

May 18, 2008

You might have heard that earlier this year Polaroid decided to discontinue the production of their unique cameras, and even more importantly, film. This could be one of those “capitalist pigs seeking ultimate profit” stories if it were not for one small detail. Polaroid is the sole manufacturer of the Polaroid film in the world and their corporate decision could mean the death of a whole photographic medium. For more information and possibilities of action go to

Although I had not used the medium myself, it was on the ever growing list of things I’ll do after PhD. Although I have long been attracted to the Polaroid snapshot aesthetics with its bright colours and potential Holga-like unsharpnes, the reason I really wanted to get into the Polaroid was the Polaroid image transfer technique, where you peel off the image and mount it on art paper with texture or sth. similar to create unique prints. Click here for a brief description of the technique. If you go to Flickr you can find some nice results like this one.

The above illustration is my small contribution to the noble cause, if you by any chance like it, you can download the large resolution image here to print out slightly non-standard size postcards ;) 
Or go to Savepolaroid and download their nicely designed action pack.

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