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Our car – Renault 4

April 27, 2008

I found this lovely children’s book in the pile of discarded books at our library on Saturday. Apart from nostalgia – Renault 4 used to be one of the more popular cars in Slovenia (a local factory produced the popularly called “Katrca” for a long time after it was discontinued elsewhere) – I took the book because of its advertising nature. Or should I say product promotion and brand recognition-building…
It is always surprising to me how little advertising has changed over the years but I was still shocked by the communication channels they were using in 1969. I mean, children’s book… no wonder they had to impose restrictions on advertising for children. Check illustrations in the gallery bellow.
And it also reads like a regular advertising copy: “My dad says that we can be happy to own such a comfortable car. Renault cars which our ancestors used did not have such comfortable seats, nor as good springs.” Or: “The back seat is collapsible. Thus we can enlarge the trunk and my dad can transport all of his stuff: various cans of paints, boxes and brushes”.

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