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Lazing on the sunny…

March 30, 2008

After almost two weeks of rain, snow and some more rain, it looks like the spring is back. We spent yesterday morning lazing on the sun, having a long coffee with our friends and looking the stream of people flowing parallel to Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana’s old town, some with their baskets full of vegetables from the market, others with their hands full of flowers (mostly tulips). There were soooo many people out with small children (us included)… Apart from the kids, everyone seemed to walk at a slower pace and took ages to finish their drinks as the sun was just too soothing and inviting.
And what better way to fully recharge the batteries than not worrying about cooking lunch, taking an afternoon nap with Tamara and ending the day with a mini-marathon of Friends, bag of chips and a bottle of sweet white wine?
The pic is from one of Ljubljana’s antique shops that always has nice window displays – this mannequin kind of reminded me of the mannequins from the start of Dziga Vertov’s The man with a movie camera.

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