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A bus to nowhere

January 24, 2008

We had the second day of blistering sun in a row and it felt sooooo good. Apart from the cold, it felt as if spring was about to start. Spent the morning around Ljubljana’s city centre, did a lot of walking in the company of my Holgos (that’s how I just decided to call my EOS with Holga lens). The morning was as much fun as the bits of conversations I had or overheard. On the train, a high school girl complaining quite loudly how her breasts are too little compared to those of the other three girls that she was talking to. As I took the photo of stacked chairs in front of a bar, the bar owner came out to talk to me as he thought I was going to send the photos to local authorities as a part of complaint (well, talking about a guilty conscious). An hour later, a funny old guy at the secondhand bookshop said “let me give you a business proposition” – that I should start making stock library of old illustrations and he didn’t want any fee or credits for the idea (but he did want a fortune for a bonded volume of magazines from 1900 with nice illustrations and ads).
And some Holgos’ output of the day:
long winter morning shadows in the park
property of the bar owner with guilty consciousness
close-up from vegetable market
a rural vignette in the middle of Ljubljana

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