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Number 24 or 1930’s prize game

January 3, 2008

While browsing through 1930’s Slovene amateur photographers magazine I spotted an add for the most unusual prize game. You would have to bring two 100 Dinar banknotes with serial numbers from which you could “compile” number 24 and you would win Agfa box camera. Nice.
I would however suggest a reverse game – I will give you two 100 Dinar banknotes from 1930’s if you give me the Agfa box camera :)) Yes, yes, it’s all about home-made lenses. Will definitely have to buy old cameras through eBay, the guy on Kamnik’s flea market wanted outrageous 120€ (!!) for an old Kodak that one could get online for max 20€.

Of course, the pic also counts as number twenty four.

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  1. January 3, 2008 12:27 am

    OK, before you pose the obvious question – what the hell was I doing browsing through 1930’s photo magazines – I was looking for photography adds to illustrate an article I just finished writing today.

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