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Reflections on Iran – part three: Yazd

November 29, 2007

On our way to Yazd, we finally got to see the vastness of the landscape, the greens of the irrigated farmland and the pale browns of the desert that vanish almost to the horizon lined with mountains of curious shapes. But I’m a naughty person and decided to keep the subtle desert colour palette to myself, all you get to see is black and white. But I’ll spare you the details of the two B movies from the five hour bus trip and show you this bus stop in the middle of nowhere and
our little traveling star instead.
Yazd is a place to rest, to take it easy and the atmosphere and the covered inner courtyard of the Silk road hotel is just lurring you into doing it. Not to mention the almost deserted labyrinth of muddy wals of the old city. To us, it was also a place where we:
climbed a hill to see the towers of silence
were charmed by mud-brick ornaments
seen the most obscene local sweet ever
ate well (OK, this one is in colour because it looses too much in BW)
and bought another kilim :)

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