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October 28, 2007


On Friday, we drove to Brda to visit my PhD adviser to discuss my thesis. The visit was delightful but it did drastically refocus my thesis. It’s not that I will have to discard any written pages but my “pet project” – Orientalism, was dethroned from the central position it had from the very start. It’s sort of like this pic that illustrates the outcome – turned on its head (click here for normal view). Not that I complain about it – the whole thing is now more coherent etc. but it still feels a bit strange :)

Brda were also, like always, a relaxing feast for our eyes, the straight lines of vineyards lining the gentle hills and trees in the orchards slightly bending in the wind. The rain only seemed to intensify the cornucopia of colours, the greens of the grass, the yellows of vine leaves, the browns of the branches and blacks of the trunks.

And because the Friday trip was more of a friendly visit and a day off than work, I had this weird feeling on Saturday that it was already Sunday. It’s good that it was not the other way around.

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