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Election day

October 21, 2007


The title of the post could just as well be cardamom cake part two – as the pic shows, the cake Dragana made today was more than delicious, only traces of it in the icing sugar remained after the visitors left. The thing that you can’t see from the pic is the spillover of my cooking experimentalism. I love to cook and especially, to experiment with new spices, flavors etc. Am also notoriously not sticking to recipes, perhaps only the first time around but then creativity gets the best of me. And fridge content. Dragana is less experimental but sometimes there is an apparent spill-over of my culinary creativity – like today’s carob cake with apples, spiced with cardamom (brought by Natalia who from time to time makes all those diplomatic and provocative comments and whom we are now waiting to email us her phone number(s) so that we can call her).

Back to the post title – we had presidential elections today and our present location revealed all the unbearable lightness of democracy. We knew who we’ll vote for as soon as the names were announced, skipped all the pre-election debates and campaigns and voted by the way (me on the way to the grocery store and Dragana while taking out the trash).

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