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Bad bad person

October 20, 2007


Am really a bad person and will definitely go to hell. Well, I’d be going there anyway due to my socialist/communist convictions but… As Tamara got a bit of a cold, we had to change our plans and stayed in Kamnik for the weekend. So Dragana’s mother and sister came over and brought along a cake (it was sister’s birthday). My mother in law is really an excellent cook, but when in comes birthday cakes, she is the worse. So during the afternoon craving for something sweet (soon after they left), I decided to “upgrade” the bloody thing, keeping only the spongecake base, soaking it with coffee and amaretto and wrapping it in chocolate coating with a touch of Egyptian cardamom that our wonderful friend Natalia brought from Iran. And for the final touch, some hot berries on the side. Now that was more like it. Am definitely going to hell, he he…

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