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Sunday: Such a perfect day, problems all left alone…

October 14, 2007


Today was “Oh it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spend it with you” as the song goes. The sunny autumn day was a perfect setting for our Sunday trip to Gorenjska. We drove through the green valleys and coluored woods to Kropa, a small town famous for its tradition of making wrought iron products. It has some Hallstat air to it, must have been the sound of water coming from all around. The iron fences played their game with the sun, casting formidable shadows on more or less deserted streets of this tiny town.
To the sound of Tamara’s munching of bits of apple, we drove to Radovljica, the lovely town where we got married. It was great – we even found a hidden treasure in the old town – a pottery workshop. The owner’s son was very kind and let us wander around the wonderful inner courtyard and workshop freely. I was in love with the place, would definitely consider moving to a 16th cenury house like that (although I would probably need to sell 4 kidneys for that, the real estate prices there are simply crazy). Bur wouldn’t we fit perfectly in here? Here are pics of the ceramics (which BTW were pretty pricey as well), some are specially for Chie: 1234.
The funny thing happened when we talked to the blind lady who owns a ceramic store across the street. She was very nice but when Dragana mentioned the other place, the lady said: “Well, he is actually not doing ceramics, but pottery. I’m doing ceramics. I never use wheel or molds.” Well my dear friends, apparently ceramics rules while pottery is for pussies :)

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