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Saturday: wedding party

October 14, 2007

Had so much fun at the party, was one of the best we’ve been to. And as it struck me, probably one of the last ones, most of our Slovene friends are already married (a definite sign of aging) and unless they start divorcing (we also had two of those, another sign of aging), we are left only with a couple of “maybes”. Apparently, we passed the wedding stage and are now in having babies stage. Anyway, back to the party, the atmosphere was great, the band good and so was the food. Well, of course, the cook’s superior officer was the Maid of Honor :)) The only thing that gave it away as an army wedding was the enthusiasm of boys to play games like rope pulling. Was a tough fight and the score was a tie. Tamara was – of course – the attraction of the party. At the end, she even fell asleep, not minding the really loud music of the band.

And the present – we framed one of my photos and the final result was so nice that I had hard time giving it away. Was really impressed by the photoshop job, the quality of the print and the effect of a proper framing. It looked far better in real life than on this photo.

P.S. There are 4 soldiers pulling the rope, can you find them?


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  1. October 15, 2007 8:12 am

    From the image above it is obvious that you are moving into “stock” waters ;)

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