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Wedding champagne

October 3, 2007


I came across a shopping list for a Bosnian wedding. I’ll skip the part of how I got it and I’ll spare you with the details of the food section that admittedly has some highlights (like 3kg of coffee and 4kg of sugar for coffee) and go straight to the drinks section:
– 36 liters of Štok (brandy)
– 25 liters of rakija (home made plum brandy)
– 48 liters of white wine
– 36 liters of red wine
– 300 bottles of beer
– 180 liters of Pepsi
– 150 liters of Fanta
– 90 liters of fruit juice
– 300 liters of mineral water
– 2 liters of champagne

Two liters of champagne for about 150 guests, that’s what I call culturally specific drinking habits.
Cheers mates :)

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  1. October 4, 2007 8:50 am

    Wow. What impresses me most is the spirits/wine ratio (taking in account the amount of alcohol in each). Eh, champagne is for the photo session only ;)

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