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First impressions

August 20, 2007


– Flat.
– Cold(er).
– Nordic.

But all of these brief impressions bear positive connotations. You get a first glimpse of flatness from the airplane but it really hit me on the bus from Tallinn to Tartu. After about an hour of driving through the light brown of the fields and unmowed pastures I dozed off and when I awoke some 50km later, the scenery didn’t change a bit. There were the same pastel-like light browns lined with green treetops and striking whiteness of the birch tree bark. Cold was the prevailing impression of Tallinn and of the freshness of the air that my colleagues assigned t the people as well. And certain Nordic overtone has a lot to do not so much with Baltic Sea but with wooden houses and washout colour of the stone walls and facades.

 As far as Tartu is concerned, it is cute, small and manageable, but the strongest impression is still “deserted”. From time to time, it does look like a ghost town or like it has been quickly evacuated (Sundays are apparently quiet and the same goes for national holidays) which gives the empty streets a bit surreal look of a movie set. There will be photo-updates on Flickr in the coming days.

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  1. August 24, 2007 2:23 pm

    One could say that half of the town consist of students. So the desertedness is silence before the storm. Summer holidays will end in 7 days…

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