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Another week

August 14, 2007


We spent a very nice week with our friend Chie and since it was not her first time in Slovenia, we didn’t have to run from one tourist sight to another but could spend the days more in a more relaxed manner, enjoying our many coffees, teas, cooking, eating and having fun with Tamara.
But we did browse the Ljubljana flea market and visited Piran yesterday. Must admit it was unusual to be on the seaside on a working day and during high season – but to just stay there for a few hours (plus not to jump into the inviting water). And I should not forget the many sweets, ranging from Trojane doughnuts to kremšnite that I brought from Novo mesto where I was a guest speaker at documentary photography festival Fotopub. It felt a bit strange, just few years ago I was considering attending the workshops and now, I was invited to give a talk :))

And click to see the mysterious wooden object “in action”.

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  1. Renato permalink
    August 18, 2007 4:40 pm

    You really should have told me you were at the FotoPub… I needed a kick from someone to go there and have a look at least for one day. Next year, I’ll plan my holidays to include FotoPub for the whole week…

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