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July 24, 2007

As the refreshing storm started fading, a sudden splash of magical yellow light splashed through the window. Looking outside, I saw a beautiful back-lit tree with aureola of raindrops and as I got out my camera, I noticed that people in the opposite building were rushing to their balconies and windows. Soon, they would be grabbing their cameras too (never thought so many possessed digital cameras) and gazing in the direction behind my back. It must have been a marvelous rainbow back there. I just watched them gaze at something beautiful and could not help but ponder a little on the restrictiveness of our gazes and viewpoints. Enchanted by the rainbow, they of course remained oblivious to my tree. One couple even came out with glasses of white wine almost the colour of the sunrays.
Anyway, long live beautiful moments!
Long live photography that helps preserving them to our memory!
(well, if the above pic is not a celebration of popular photography, than I really don’t know which one is :)) )

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  1. MatejMM permalink
    July 30, 2007 9:59 pm

    The best rainbow photo I’ve ever seen ;)

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