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Mannequin love (on a rainy day)

June 17, 2007

We had a long and delightful weekend which was also full of big steps and changes. Like Tamara’s first teaspoons of apple juice (check her non enthusiastic expression), her first drive in the “sport” top of her stroller and her first real damage – tearing Dragana’s bead bracelet (seconds before the snap).
Speaking of beads, I bargained out these three pieces of filigree for 1,5€ on what’s left of Kamnik flea market. Other highlights include snaps from Friday’s rainy afternoon in Ljubljana that offered some bizarre sights for the black eye. This, along with the incredible garden displays on our strolling routs brought about the idea to create a new blog, dedicated to bizarre bits of our everyday experiences. Coming soon…

Some rain-inspired pics from the curious building complex called The Blue Laguna:
first raindrops
shoe shopping in the rain (check out the display)
footprints (looks crappy in colour)
the way to the film theater where we had lectures in our first year at faculty (now closed)
grounded for the afternoon

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