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May 31, 2007

As suggested by my office-mate, today’s number is thirty. It is the number of seminar papers students tried to stuff into my mailbox at the faculty. The pic is from last year, part of a garbage container number from Dresden. Hmm, what would Freud have to say about this “coincidence” :)
Anyway, since I was talking about bonuses a bit earlier, here is a bonus just for Slovene readers – the central part of the message from Miha:

30 seminarskih.
V postnem nabiralniku.
Oziroma v neposredni blizini.
Moram priznati, da je prav velicastno izgledalo.
10 seminarskih noter, 10 na pol v nabiralniku in
10 nekako napol lebdecih, za cm zataknjenih, ki so
se razpirali kot en cvet cez vse sosednje odprtine.
Tako simbolicno - kot bi jih nabiralnik izbljuval,
ker je bil prepoln.
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