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found still life

May 25, 2007

One of the useless free publications for Kamnik region arrived this week, one of those so called magazines with crappy content that serve simply as advertisement vehicles. But it does have one good side – it carries a page of hilarious small ads. Well, it’s not the ads themselves that are hilarious but their juxtaposition. They appear for example in the following order (selling): children’s bicycle, stable manure, 101 film songs, goat’s milk-healthy food!, six kitchen stools, electric radiator on wheels, goat for raising or slaughter, garden shed ‘+ garden for rent, children’s clothes for girls (toys given as a gift), 10 liter water boiler, wardrobe with mirror (good bargain), protective net for construction site (half price), high quality jacket for boys, Ford mondeo 1995 (as spare parts).

And my favorite: can someone donate me bread baking machine, juicer and microwave, goblin Last supper, still life, flowers, nature or Mary with Jesus. I would also like to have a Nokia mobile phone. It’s been running for four months now :))

The pic is a nice rural still life from Kamnik to go with the small ads.

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