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April 17, 2007


There are more casual signs of aging than discovering new grey hair(s) in the mirror and I was of course well aware of this before one of our friends made a remark that spurred this post. But it was just one of those moments when things you take for granted turn out to be very age-specific knowledge. Like when the football players you knew suddenly become coaches or when clerks begin humming to the 80’s songs on the radio (like Bangles) and you just know that they learned them by heart the same time you did and that only the deceptive aging of their faces makes them look older than you. Or when people from diaspora use the vocabulary petrified in the time they left (and which they than pass on to their children, perpetuating this time capsule language).

But most commonly, its the phrases that will give you away. The other day one of our friends commented on the look of some of the young mothers with strollers saying: “Some of them look like, what was that guy, Bud Spencer.” Bud Spencer, ha ha ha. Anyone remember Bud Spencer? The hero of crappy Italian action comedies of my childhood that solved all his (and others) problems the old fashioned way – using his fists. Anyone? How about his partner, Terrence Hill? C’mon, don’t make me fell that old. Anyway, according to the great mind of the web, the good old Bud is now 77 years old and you can buy his films are out on DVD.

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