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Officeless :)

February 28, 2007

I had had my name misspelled ever since I started more formal communication with the “outer” world and they were so hilarious that at a certain point I started collecting the misspelled address labels. Than the computer generated forms took away all the fun although I occasionally still appear as Miss. That was in fact my early childhood frustration, people thinking I was a girl. Well, if you would peek into my album, you really can’t blame the poor clerks. But you could say a thing or two about the way my mother cut my hair. Anyway, all of this reached a new level on Tuesday when I came to my beloved office that recently got a facial makeover. Just on the outside, of course. The doors were repainted and new mane plaques installed. But apparently, its not my office anymore, it belongs to a guy with a funny surname. OK, adding Dragana’s surname certainly did not make things easier for official use but hey, we re talking about my employers here. I had to play an old fashioned censure trick on them, just for the fun of it – four mistakes in three words, that’s a record even by my standards:) Perhaps I should continue building up my collection…

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