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February 25, 2007

Hello friends,
after days of silence, here are basic highlights of the busy week related to the already familiar blog topics.
– I found a bunch of new shady graffiti characters for short stories on Ljubljana on Metelkova. Well, the location is so obvious that I should have thought of it before. Anyway, they will be on Flickr sometime next week.
– Snooped out a very good real estate investment opportunity but unfortunately do not have €140.000 to invest at the moment :)) If I had, I’d be a rich man by the end of the year. But no worries for now.
– Hurah!. Had a classic Saturday morning – strolling, vegetable market and coffee with friends in old Ljubljana.
– Finished the week with what is called a “mean chocolate cake”. Well, it is a play of words in Slovene, where “huda čokoladna torta” could also mean “very chocolate cake”, but it is so full of chocholate that it IS “mean”.  Well, no photos of the cake I’m afraid, was too good to wait for the photo op.

And as you can see, more tiles in doorways :)

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